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"Thank you for this wonderful, heartfelt book."

"This book saved my life."

"Perfect for the time of life when women think less about the quality of possessions, and more about the quality of their lives."

"... moving stories that will affirm your own experiences on the midlife journey."

"If you are experiencing a malaise of body, mind, and spirit, please do yourself a soul-saving favor and read Dr. Liggett's book." 

"... consistently thought-provoking, inspirational, instructive, and a pleasure to read."

"This book is not for sissies."

Available at, the Boulder Book Store, or from the author.
Endings. Beginnings... When Midlife Women Leave Home in Search of Authenticity explores how women can choose to be more authentic in the midst of the challenging choices and change that midlife bringsSpeaks to women who haven’t yet realized their potential for growth, to those just beginning a transition, and to their loved ones. Demystifies the midlife woman’s need to reclaim her true self, offers practical and spiritual tools, and tells her she is not alone.
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